Manda (i_like_the_pain) wrote,

YEAH MOTHERFUCKERYou think I'm fucking kidding?

Dirty TXT messages are fun. It's all Mel's fault I had wild crazy sex today. I'm glad to have the night off. I love my job, but working 25.5 hours in a week plus school plus friends plus boyfriend leaves no time for me. Hehe, boyfriend, yah I have one of those again. Well, same one as always, but hey. I know no one wants to hear it...
Tonight is exciting tho, my mum is going to the grocery for store for the first time in 2 weeks.

And I did my frist thing as pres. of the GSA, i.e. sending in for that thingy for the postcards. And I felt all smart because I put:
Burncoat High GSA
c/o Tom Davis

I mean only smart people put c/o. (yes, this was followed by the address)

Signing evanesence makes me feel like a very sexy vampire.
Feeling my hair on my shoulders also makes me feel sexy.
Pig, by Seether make me feel badass.
Vidicated makes me feel emo.
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